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Local DEP Now Involved in Dumping

Due to a recent increase in the level and type of wast being dumped we have contacted the local DEP. There is a case number 19-09-17-0945-41 active as of 9/17/19. The number to call if you want to add your opinion is (877) 927-6337, they will take your details and forward the case to the correct enforcement.

Latest Update Update 4 2/18/20

In addition to the two load yesterday from our lot owner another contractor has stated using the lot. Nelson T general Contractor (973 336 57830


UPDATE 3 -Dumping is still continuing, a few went almost unoticed but today 1/29/20 was a clear example of a new third party dumping what is clearly waste. See the Video clip below. This contractor was Ruas Construction (201 997 5205)

Update as of 9/27/19. Additional case number, 730625, investigation being undertaken by the county. Person involved is Jo he can be reached at 973-497-9401. Apparently he has visited the lot but did not see any activity. We draw his attention to the video posted today showing new dumping by a third part contractor.

UPDATE 2 - Apparently there has been a violation sent to the landowner and he is to appear at an informal meeting to discuss the matter. the meeting will be held October 25th at about 10am at 115 Clifton Ave,Newark, NJ 07104. Locals are welcome to attend. Update 10/25/19 The expected meeting with jo did not happen. He was not there. But we are anticipating him calling and finding out what happened.

The attached video clip, taken on 9/17/19 is the reason we made the complaint. It looks like other local residents complained as he did not dump that load as of 10am.

Click Read More to see more pictures and a timeline including the latest dumping on 9/27/19

Latest Dumping involving third party contractor

This is the latest dumping, taken at 9.20am on 9/27/19.

Second load at 11.30am

These pictures document the state of the land as of 9/17/19

 2019 09 17 09.39.19

2019 09 17 10.01.52

2019 09 17 10.01.46

2019 09 17 10.01.49

This was taken in 9/17 as the start of the new wave of dumping. You can see how the lot has chnaged.


As of 6pm 9/17/19

2019 09 17 18.14.06

Use of the land as a works store and letting other contractors use his digger

Taken 10/12/19

2019 10 12 06.54.12

10/14/19 storage of the trailer

2019 10 14 16.29

Chance meeting 10/25/19  and taking the trailer (also on the day of the planned meeting)

2019 10 25 10.45