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Apt 1 Floor Plan


First Floor Booked Until November 2024

web-apt-1 7436This 8 year old large apartment has 1100 sq feet of space divided between 1 bedroom, bathrooms, laundry room, large kitchen and spectacular living space. It has tile floors in all the living areas. There are ample storage closets including a large closet off the laundry room. The bedroom has two large walk in closets. This private owner occupied house is situated on the north edge of Newark, a couple of blocks from Bloomfield. It backs onto the scenic Branch Brook Park and is one block away from the Davenport Avenue Light Rail which takes you directly to Newark Penn Station. The Kitchen has ample Granite worktops and hardwood cabinets and also includes a built in microwave, full gas range and dishwasher. It is wired with FIOS TV and Internet and has a fully integrated and monitored alarm system. It has a separate HVAC system with gas central air. Gas and Electric are separate and the responsibility of the tenant, water is included. Secure parking is provided for one posibly 2 vehicles at the rear of the house. The entrance, door, front and rear of the house is protected by a full video security system. This unit is none smoking in a none smoking building.

Rent is $1,400 per month with a $2,100 security deposit.

 Total Size 1100 square feet

Ceiling height 8'3"
Open Plan Main Area:18' by 12'4"
Kitchen Area 12' by 8'8"'
Laundry Room 5'10" by 6'4" includes full size Washer and Gas Dryer
Laundry Room Closet 6'4" by 1'6"
Bedroom 11"3" by 8'8" excluding two 5' 7" by 5' walk in closets
Bathroom 7'6"' by 6'4"
Private entrance from common stairwell with intercom system to front door.
Parking for a full size car in the rear parking lot.

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