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Plans have been updated

It is confirmed the plans are for a 32 unit five story apartment building, there is now a plan for the fifth floor which will be posted on this site soon.

The new plans are available in City Hall. They show a modified building. To avoid the height variance the first floor (parking) will be lowered below ground, about 3 feet at the 745 street side and presumably 6 feet at the other end. In addition to help make the building look smaller they have recessed the top floor by 4 feet giving it the appearance of a four story building from the street.


Parking has been increasesd by instaling car lifts so the three bedroom appartments have two parking places, (one car stacked on top of the other). The new parking allocation is for 54 spaces.

The recent notice of hearing to the property owners contains a reduction in the rear yard and a minimum drive garage isle width variance. See the Notice of Hearing form here.

These plans were withdrawn prior to the scheduled planning meeting and no further plans are expected to be submitted without a new application for development of the site. All information regarding this development has been moved to the archive section.