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The developer withdrew his application prior to the start of today’s planning meeting. Apparently he has dropped the proposal for 32 apartments, so will not be pursuing this design. We will post more information when we get a better understanding of the implications and possible next steps, but it looks like a totally new application will be submitted sometime in the future.

Many thanks to the great turn out by our local residents. I am sure the trip was worthwhile and that our efforts served to make the developer reconsider their plans.

In addition to the ten or so residences represented at the meeting we also got 15 written objections from local residents within the immediate affected area. All had detail objections and were signed. In addition we had a number of well reasoned objections many containing quantitative analysis or interpretation of the planning regulations and Plan for Newark. So I was confident we would have been able to put up a strong case.

I am sure it is better for all that we did not need to present our case today and that much of that material will remain valid if we need it in the future.

We have about ten residents signed up as interested in forming a local residents association. The next step will be to find out the best process for forming a legal association, get costs for insurance and a basic operating budget. We are also getting advice on forming the group and how to start with a charter.

Once this is done we will begin using our initial supporters to organize an open meeting to potentially launch the association, begin electing officials and getting a list of local issues we want to support.

We hope to be able to invite the developer to discuss future plans for the 739-745 N 6th Street vacant lot.

A second newsletter will be produced and distributed. This will update everybody on the development status and contain details of the proposed residents association. If anybody has any ideas or suggestions for the newsletters content, please use the contact us section.