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Upper Roseville Neighborhood Association

There is now a core of local residents interested in forming a local residents association.

The proposed association would be a non-profit limited liability company owned by a committee of local residents to serve the interests of its members and local community One proposed name would be “The Upper Roseville Residents Association” and would be open to all residents in an area north of 3rd street, bordering Bloomfield and East Orange.

According to 2008 population data, Upper Roseville has a population of about 15 thousand in an area of 0.72 square miles. Initially, we are likely to concentrate on the area between Bloomfield Avenue and Franklin Street. We do not have a charter or mission statement yet, but it is likely that we would concentrate on promoting local businesses, traffic flow, parking, information about the local area and local planning decisions. We would also actively seek funding for local improvements.

Our first step would be to get sufficiently interested local residents to form a committee and raise the necessary money to form the none-profit company and get liability insurance.